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NCAA University League Season 1 Summary
Florida State University 20:59 Oregon University

The mating of the playoff first was launched in Pasadina, California, and the two sides of the No. 2 seed Oregon University (12-1) and No.3 seed Florida State University (13-0). The leading characters of the two teams are their star quadruption. The four defense of the University of Oregon is this year of Hesmann Marcus Mariota, and the core of Florida is a last year Hesmann winner James Winston. Both are all popularity of this year’s draft. In the first half, the two teams are extremely fascinating. Before the end of the junction, Florida has a scorpion to reach a score to 13:18, Oregon leads to the second half. The third quarter of the competition is fully suppressed, and the Hand of the 27: 7 in the single section. The main reason is that Florida has four mistakes in Florida, running twice, and slapted the ball. It is switched to kill the ball. Once, it is copied, and the four mistakes are converted into Dance. Finally, Oregon University received a championship ticket. Mario Tower passed the 26 times, 338 yards, 2 times, 1 time, 8 times, 62 yards, 1 time Winston 45 passed a 29 times, 1 time to reach, cheap nfl jerseys 1 time.

University of Alabama 35:42 Ohio State University

The second game was launched at Northern New Orleans at night, from the first seed Alabama University (12-1) to the No. 4 seed Ohio State University (12-1), Alabama Sitting in the university alliance The extension of the force, while Ohio State lost their first quarter-off, lost their substitute quarter-off at the end of the season, and they can only start their third fourth parties. Finally, Ohio is defeated Alabama with their tenacious defensive bursts. When half of the second quarter, Alabama has been pressing Ohio State, Ohio is not completed twice in the red area twice. Alabama seizes the opportunity 21: 6 lead. But later Ohio is one time to reach the ball, then defend a three-vibrating bureau, before the end of the half, take the ball outside the ball, the external hand passed the ball to another external connections to the end area to complete The latter is just no boundary. With this shares, Ohio is entered in the second half, to the soft ribs of Alabama, that is, wholesale jerseys free shipping second-line defensive continuous growth, up to 34:21 lead 13 points. The fourth game Alabama has been chasing, but the four-point guard, wholesale nfl jerseys online the strange tactical arrangement funerals the efforts of the defensive group. Finally, Ohio Runaway kills the suspense.

The final champion will be launched between Oregon University and Ohio State University.