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Crabtree: injury affected my play
Seattle Seahawks angular position Richard – Sherman (Richard Sherman) completed two steals in a game with the San Francisco 49ers, cheap nfl jerseys online whereas 49ers quarterback Colin – Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) in the main goal of the game is to pass Brandon – Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd) and Steven – Johnson (Stevie Johnson).

As Michael – Crabtree (Michael Crabtree), he was elected to do only three times a passing target, and he also completed three catches, including one shortly after the start to get the first attack, cheap jerseys online and in the Crabtree ball in by two Seahawks defensive player mercilessly knocked down result in injury.

Crabtree said after the game this is actually the site of injury in his lower abdomen, rather than people originally thought the ribs or knee injury affect the game after him because he had a bandage wrapped around thick.

When asked what the reason of what the offense is struggling group, cheap jerseys online Crabtree did not directly answer the question, just say:. “We have to get into the state, complete propulsion”