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The best players of the Tenth Weekly Union announced
Now this time, the healthy Robert Griffin III is a very strange scene in the contest. The same strange scene is Kirk Cousins ​​take over the competition, which is possible in every game.

But in the game competition, Cossos’ capacity has been fully played. He benefited from the game of the new Orleans saints and the team, especially the performance of Matt Jones, and finally Cousins Get 324 yards 4 times to help the red skin 47-14 overcome the Saint, and in fact the red skin is restrained at the last moment.

Although this award can also be issued to the other members of the offensive group, there is no doubt that Coss’s data makes him get the award.

The best offensive player of the United States: Pittsburgh steelman quarter-Roethlisberger, in the nfl jerseys history, one of the most great substitutes, Rosrisberg 33 passes 22 times 22 Successfully obtained 379 yards 3 times to help the team Dashi Klveland Brown.

The Tenth United States, the best defensive players: Buffalo Bacl Bacalri Rambo, Lambo caused the opponent twice, one of which was critical to the back of the ball, He also laid a victory with a copy of the game. This is a breakthrough from every aspect, which will make this old safe to get more cheap jerseys from china this season.

The Tenth United States Best Technical Group Players: New England Patriots play the ball Stephen Gostkowski, Gustosski in this patriot’s victory victory in the New York giant Shooting and free kick. But there is no more important than the 54-yard killing of the 54 yards in the place where the giants are often difficult to shoot.

The tenth week of the best defensive players in the United States: Minnesota Vijing Ni Tierence NEWMAN, Newman joined the legendary sanders in the game competition, became the history of NFL only Some of the 37-year-old single-game competition has obtained the corner of the ball. This is a good performance for a player like a red wine.

The Tenth Week, the best special service group player: Detroit Lion Runa / Ball back to attack Ameer Abdullah, this extremely explosive rookie is playing the team in the face of Green Bay packaging The urgent victory of this urgently needed 104 yards arrived at the packaged worker 1 yard line, flat NFL record. In addition to the history of NFL in Percy Harvin, no one has achieved a longer distance.